FALL 2019-2020 Registration Form

PLEASE NOTE:  This page is not quite "cooked" yet for Fall! We're updating/populating/dancing as fast as we can and we're almost there ;oD We DO have a hard copy Registration Form for you to view HERE. You CAN still register online today. Just fill out the digital form (below) as completely as you can (use the hard copy form & our class schedule for accurate reference) and add any classes not listed below in the "notes" section of the form. We'll call you to confirm!

To register online, please fill this form out completely. Your credit card will not be charged until you hit the “Submit Registration” button on the last screen.

If you would rather fill out a paper form and bring it in or mail it to us, Click HERE to print out a pdf version of this form.

NOTE: If you have more than one dancer, you must fill out a separate registration form for each one.

If you’ve registered previously and would like to use your same information, enter your email address here:

Dancer's Name First:   Last: 
Date of Birth (mo/day/yr) / /
Address (incl. apt. #)
City   State   Zip
Family E-mail address
Required if dancer is under 18 and/or still living at home.
Parent 1 Name First:   Last: 
Parent 1 Phone Numbers Home:   Work:   Cell:
Parent 2 Name First:   Last: 
Parent 2 Phone Numbers Home:   Work:   Cell:
This information is used in the event that we CANNOT reach a parent.
Emergency Contact Name First:   Last: 
Emergency Contact Phone
Relationship to Dancer
Doctor’s Name First:   Last: 
Doctor’s Phone

Please enter any notes, requests, or comments you have for us.


Please click the checkbox(es) to indicate desired level.


Session Fees in this section represent 12 weeks of classes. There are 3 Sessions in our regular school year. Costume/Production fees are not included here as they will be invoiced separately for those interested in performing.

Cost: 1 class/week = $109, 2 classes/week = $193, 3 classes/week = $277, 4 classes/week = $349.

Attention: please place a “1” in the yellow box to indicate 1st class choice, a “2” to indicate second choice.

PS Dance Mix
Mon 2:00pm, 25 min. (2.5-3yrs)    Wed 10am, 25 min. (2.5-3yrs)    Thu 10:00am, 25 min. (2.5-3yrs)    Sat 9:00am, 25 min. (2.5-3yrs)   
Tiny Tumblers
Mon 2:30pm, 25 min. (2.5-3yrs)    Wed 10:30am, 25 min. (TinyTumblers: 2.5-3yrs)    Thu 10:30am, 25 min. (2.5-3yrs)    Sat 9:30am, 25 min. (2.5-3yrs)   
Preschool Boppers $0
Preschool Boy O Boy $0
Fine Arts Fundays
PR Ballet
Mon 3:00pm, 25 min. (PR Ballet Beats: 4-6yrs)    Thu 3:00pm, 25 min. (PR Ballet Beats: 4-6yrs)    Sat 10:00am, 25 min. (PR Ballet Beats: 4-6yrs)   
PR Tap
Mon 3:30pm, 25 min. (4-6yrs)    Thu 3:30pm, 25 min. (4-6yrs)    Sat 10:30am, 25 min. (4-6yrs)   
PR Hip Hop
Mon 4:00pm, 25 min. (4-6yrs)    Sat 11:00am, 25 min. (4-6yrs)   
PR Acro
Mon 4:30pm, 25 min. (PR Acro/Tumbling: 4-6yrs)    Sat 11:30am, 25 min. (4-6yrs)   
Primary Boppers $0

See Enrichment Section below for MORE Mini eligible Ballet, Acro, and Hip Hop class options!

Mini Tap
Thu 4:30pm, 25 min. (Mini Tap (typically ages 6-8yrs))  
Mini Jazz
Thu 5:00pm, 25 min. (Mini Jazz (typically ages 6-8yrs))  

$AVE with a Pre-School/Primary/Mini PERFORMER'S PACK

Performers MONTHLY Payment Plan
# class/wk PS PR/MN 1 PR/MN 2
1 $54 $54 $58
2 $76 $76 $85
3 n/a $101 $110
4 n/a $123 $132

Is your PS/PR/MN dancer is a shoe-in for our show? MONTHLY Payment Plan Includes: Classes, Costume, Tights (1 pair), Show T-shirt, Digital Recital Video Download, 4 Premium Tickets. Primary/Mini Dancers: SELECT 1 or 2 routines (must be in at least 2 classes for 2 routines). See chart on the right for payment schedule.

If interested, check the box below and enter your ACH payment information. This option requires ACH payment.

Yes, sign me up for the monthly plan. (Amount due below will not reflect the payment plan; we will set that up on our end.)
Number of routines:
Fees below represent 12 weeks of classes/lessons. Except where indicated with an NP or an OP, Fees below also include costume/tights and production fee. [1 pair tights per costume].
BoyOBoy   $0
  • Returning Acro students will receive Fall Placements via e-mail early August. If you are new or registering prior to placement announcements, simply select "request placement" below.
(Request placement)   Tue 3:00pm, 85 min. (Acro II (typically ages 8-10))   Tue 3:00pm, 55 min. (Acro I (typically ages 6-7yrs))   Tue 4:30pm, 85 min. (Acro III (typically ages 11-Teen))  
Mon 4:30pm, 55 min. (Junior Tap (typically ages 8 - 10yrs))    Mon 7:00pm, 55 min. (Tween Tap (typically ages 11 - 14yrs))    Mon 8:30pm, 55 min. (Teen Tap (typically ages 13 - 18yrs))   
Wed 3:00pm, 55 min. (Junior Jazz (typically ages 8 - 11yrs))    Wed 7:00pm, 55 min. (Tween Jazz (typically ages 11 - 14yrs))    Wed 8:30pm, 55 min. (Teen Jazz (typically ages 15 - 18yrs))   
Hip Hop  
Tue 4:30pm, 55 min. (HipHop (7-11yrs))    Tue 6:00pm, 55 min. (Hip Hop (11-Teen))   
BalletEx (Cecchetti Graded Ballet and Ballet Lab combination performance options)  
Mon 3:30pm, 55 min. (Junior Ballet Cecchetti P3 (typically ages 8-10yrs)) NP | $236    Mon 5:30pm, 85 min. (Tween/Teen Ballet Cecchetti GI AND Ballet Lab (typically ages 11 - Teen)) | $417    Wed 3:30pm, 55 min. (Mini Ballet Cecchetti P1 (typically ages 6-7yrs)) NP | $236    Wed 4:30pm, 25 min. (Add Mini/Jr Ballet Rehearsal (typically ages 6-10) [*must also be enrolled in Mini or Jr Cecchetti B) | $181    Wed 5:30pm, 25 min. (Tween/Teen Ballet Cecchetti G2 AND Ballet Lab (typically ages 11 - Teen)) | $417   
Ballet Lab 
Mon 6:00pm, 55 min. (Tween/Teen Ballet Lab (typically ages 11-Teen)) | $278    Wed 6:00pm, 55 min. (Tween/Teen Ballet Lab (typically ages 11 - Teen)) | $278   
  Ballet (Non-performance — no costume)
Tech   NP (Non-Performance)
Kids Groove
Stage Dance Styles
Jr Combo  
Theater Dance
Open Acro (*Non-performance — no costume)

CoDa's MONTHLY INSTALLMENT FEE INCLUDES: weekly class AND weekly rehearsal AND production fee (expect separate costume/performance gear invoice in Sept).

  1. Check box on the left.
  2. Select a Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Tech, or Stage Dance Styles class above.
Strength & Stretch
Voice Workshop — Winter 
Voice Workshop — Spring 
Techno Ballet 
Adult Tap 
Mon 6:00pm, 55 min. (12 Class Series = $180 >> classes must be completed within registered Session) ($180)   Mon 6:00pm, 55 min. (6 Class Series = $96 >> classes must be completed within registered Session) ($96)   Mon 6:00pm, 55 min. (Drop-In = $20 per Single Class) ($20)  
Adult Ballet 
Wed 7:00pm, 55 min. (12 Class Series = $180 >> classes must be completed within registered Session) ($180)   Wed 7:00pm, 55 min. (6 Class Series = $96 >> classes must be completed within registered Session) ($96)   Wed 7:00pm, 55 min. (Drop-In = $20 per Single Class) ($20)  
Baby on Board 
Wee Workout 
  1. Check your team below.
  2. Select all related base classes (refer to Team requirements page).
  3. Select, above, any additional optional class(es).
  4. All in? If you are registering for an ALL IN program, your monthly Team Installment amount will be discounted! (some restrictions apply)


Need to leave a short note? If you have any other message you need to have us see regarding your registration, please enter a note in the box below.

New to the Team? Welcome! Please let us know the extent of your training (enter a note in the box below) and call studio so we may help you determine appropriate classes/placement.

To participate in Dream Team activities, you must agree to the Dream Team Requirements, listed here. By checking this box, I state that I have read and agree to the Dream Team Requirements.

Mini Team 1   $162
Mini Team 2   $230
Mini Plus Adds Acro (indicate 55 min class in Acro section above) $67
Mini Plus Adds Ballet (indicate 55 min class in Acro section above) $38
Mini Plus Adds Hip Hop (indicate 55 min class in Acro section above) $67
Junior Team 1 $206
Junior Team 2 $302
Junior Plus A Adds Acro (indicate 85 min class in Acro section above) $99
Junior Plus B Adds Ballet Rehearsal (indicate 55 min class in Ballet section above) $38
Junior Plus C Adds Hip Hop (indicate 55 min class in Hip Hop section above) $67
Tween and Teen Team 1 $248
Tween and Teen Team 2 $344
Teen Plus A Adds Acro (indicate 85 min class in Acro section above) $99
Teen Plus B Adds 2nd Ballet Lab (indicate 55 min class in Ballet section above) $58
Teen Plus C Adds HIP HOP (indicate 55 min class in appropriate circle above) $70
Emerald/Garnet Team $0
Garnet Team $0
HSDT 1 $0
HSDT 2 $0
HSDT 3 $0
Add Pointe [Mon 5:00pm, 25 min. (POINTE and Pre-Pointe (11-TEEN) [requires enrollment in Mon & Wed Cecchetti & Lab classes]) & Wed 5:00pm, 25 min. (POINTE and Pre-Pointe (11-TEEN) [requires enrollment in Mon & Wed Cecchetti & Lab classes])] (no costume deposit included in Pointe fee) $144
If Chrome Acro, add: $0
If Open Acro, add: $0
Optionals: I have added classes (add $40 per class)


I am already registered for this season

  1. Registration Fee: Your total will automatically include your dancer's registration fee ($ per dancer, max $ per family). We will adjust your registration fee manually if you have met your family max.
  2. Production Fee: IF you are registering for a performance class, your Enrichment Session Fee total will automatically include 1/3 of your Production Fee, OR 1/10 if a PS/PR Performer Plan or TEAM dancer.
Please autocharge my session/installment fees on due dates throughout the season.
Please charge registration fee & first session/installment fee ONLY — I will pay directly or charge by phone the remaining payments.

We encourage everyone to use our ACH option! WHY ACH?

  • It SAVES YOU $$!! ACH provides administrative efficiency to keep your overall fees as low as possible.
  • It’s convenient! (saving you time and postage).
  • It's dependable! Your payment is punctual (even if you’re out of town), eliminating potential late charges.
  • It's more secure! ACH is federally regulated. Unlike credit cards, ACH accounts are rarely compromised.

Here’s How ACH Works:

One-Time Authorization: You authorize your initial Session &/or Installment Payment be withdrawn from your checking or savings account. You will be charged only the amount indicated on our Tuition Table. A receipt for your payment will be emailed to you and the charge will appear on your bank statement as an ”ACH Debit.“ You agree that no prior-notification will be provided unless the date or amount changes, in which case you will receive notice from us prior to the payment being collected.

Recurring Authorization: Should you choose the Recurring Payment option, you will be charged each of the remaining season’s Session &/or Installment Payments using same procedure as above.

Payment Type

If you are registering for a monthly installment program (any of our Teams OR our new PS/PR/MN Performance Plan):

Please keep in mind, our entire reason for switching to ACH is to AVOID raising administrative fees which effect your overall tuition rates! IF you are unable to provide an ACH Authorization, the cost of that loss in efficiency will be applied to your dancer’s account: $15/month. This fee will be due and payable with your regular monthly installment. You can get back to the ACH option HERE.

Card Number
Name on Card
Expiration Date /
ACH Basic Information

I, authorize A Dancer’s Dream, Inc. to charge my bank account indicated below and as follows:

One-Time Authorization in payment of my dancer’s single Session and/or Installment Fee.

Recurring Authorization on each of the posted session and/or installment due dates indicated below:
Enrichment Session due dates
: 8/15/19, 11/4/19, 2/10/20.
PS/PR/MN Performers Plan and Dream Team installment due dates: beginning 8/15/19 and on the 15th of each month through 5/15/20.

Further, I understand that I may authorize additional fees (costume, reps, summer, etc) be charged per my my specific written, e-mail, or text request. I further understand and authorize any and all outstanding fees due on my dancer’s account over 15 days past the due date be charged via this ACH process.

Billing address:
City:     State:     Zip:
Bank Information
Account Type: Checking    Savings
Name on Account:
Bank Name:
Account No.:
Bank Routing No.:
Bank City/State:

I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing, and I agree to notify A Dancer’s Dream, Inc. in writing of any changes in my account information or termination of this authorization at least 15 days prior to the next billing date. If the above noted periodic payment dates fall on a weekend or holiday, I understand that the payment may be executed on the next business day. I understand that because this is an electronic transaction, these funds may be withdrawn from my account as soon as the above noted periodic transaction dates. In the case of an ACH Transaction being rejected for Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) I understand that A Dancer’s Dream, Inc. may at its discretion attempt to process the charge again within 30 days, and agree to an additional $35.00 charge for each attempt returned NSF which will be initiated as a separate transaction from the authorized recurring payment. I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. I agree not to dispute this recurring billing with my bank so long as the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in this authorization form.

I agree to the terms above.


If you have withdrawn within 4 weeks from the beginning of your first session with us (week #2 for Adult Programs), you qualify for a partial refund (= your payment less registration fees, costume deposit, and lesson fees for all classes held prior to your withdrawal date and including unattended classes). A WITHDRAWAL CONFIRMATION FORM must be completed and returned within 14 days of your withdrawal.

Please note: refunds can take up to 30 days to process.

Overdue balances remaining on account over 15 days will automatically be charged to your VISA/MC. If you are unable to provide an active card number, a flat fee of $25 per month will be applied to your account until all new and outstanding debt is satisfied in full.

I, on behalf of the parties hereby registered, authorize A Dancer's Dream, Inc. & TAGteach International, LLC the use of the registered party’s image for educational and promotional purposes.  Further, A Dancer’s Dream, Inc., TAGteach International, LLC, their associates & assigns are not liable for personal injuries, loss of or damage to personal property.  Since dance is a physical activity, injuries may occur.  Each student may decline to participate in any activity which may be harmful & is responsible to inform the instructor, in writing, of any physical limitations which may prevent full participation in class or any associated event.

By checking this box, I release all liability and compensation as stated above.


By checking this box, I state that I have read and accept the Accounting Fees and Policies, Dress Code, and Keeping You Up-to-Date information. Click the links to read these pages if you have not already done so.

Almost Done! Click Here to Review your Selections: